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Feel GOOD Singing


Sing with Confidence:

Tailored Voice Lessons for a Sound You Can Be Proud Of



Sing songs that inspire you!  Choose from various styles like Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, or Classical.  In each lesson, we focus on your songs.  We use warm-ups and exercises to improve your sound.  You'll feel amazing about your singing!  


Master the stage! Learn to captivate your audience with powerful performances. Explore different tones and vocal styles. Develop strong breath control, clear diction, and expressive communication. Shape a unique and powerful voice you can feel confident about sharing with others.


Experience the joy of music! Showcase the skills and talents acquired in solo voice sessions.  Musician meet-ups, community gig events, NATS and MTNA events, and our annual spring recital are just some of the events that offer performance practice for the students and brag moments for parents. 


Empower yourself with music knowledge!  A fluent understanding of ‘what is on the page’ enhances collaboration with fellow musicians.  Learn tricks for easy sight-reading and score navigation.  Build confidence as a skilled reader and independent musician, ready for any musical challenge!


We will empower, support, and celebrate your singer every chance we get!   Students establish their goals each semester and earn praise and recognition as they achieve and surpass them, fostering growth and success!

Students sing the songs they love
because the more they sing...

  • …the easier it feels to make the sounds they want to make.

  • …  the more their self-esteem and confidence grow as they achieve musical milestones.

  • … the more they develop strong cognitive and memory skills.

  • …  the more patience they learn as they tackle challenging parts of a song.

  • …  the more they cultivate a deeper appreciation for different genres and styles of music.

  • … the more opportunities they have to collaborate with other musicians and build social connections.

  • …the more proficient and expressive they become in producing exciting music.

  • …the more they will want to share their music and benefit others.

  • … the more joy and fulfillment they find in the act of creating music.

"My daughter enjoys all things music, especially vocal performance. She has lots of opportunities to sing but I didn’t realize how much her skills (and confidence!) would grow with a great vocal coach until we met Margaret. We feel Margaret’s patient, positive, and constructive guidance has helped our daughter really grow in her musicianship."

- Meg G.

taylor show_edited.jpg

“Three years ago, I wanted to be a performer, but I couldn't even sing in front of my parents without shaking. Today, I can sing in front of a full audience without thinking twice.   I owe it all to Ms. Margaret and the opportunities she's given me through my voice lessons.”

-Taylor M

“I have been coming to lessons for 9 years (first piano, then voice) and when my mom first enrolled me she made one of the best decisions she ever could.  I look back at all the memories of me playing the piano or singing and I feel so joyful.  That is all thanks to Ms. Margaret.”

-Sammy M.

Ready to Start Singing?

We offer a FREE mini-intro session to all new students!


Solo Voice Session Fees

Session fees are determined for the academic year, August through May. 

Fees are prorated for mid-year entry.

You may choose to pay fees in one of the following ways:


Total sessions fee paid over NINE months  Due the 1st of each month, Aug - Apr

Paid in advance of sessions via auto-pay

If a payment processing problem is not resolved in 7 days of the due payment,

a $15 charge will be added.

$254 per month : 45-min sessions

$337 per month : 60-min sessions


Total sessions fee paid in TWO payments (discounted rate)

Due Aug 1st & Dec 1st​​

$1118 x 2 : 45-min sessions

$1483 x 2 : 60-min sessions


Total sessions fee paid in FULL

(discounted rate)

Due Aug 1st


$2213 : 45-min sessions

$2935 : 60-min sessions

Annual Membership Fee
An $85 fee will apply to each student upon completing the registration form and on August 1st of each following year.

This fee helps to cover the following membership services:

  • ​​Sheet Music, Books and other Lesson Materials

  • Musician's Meetup Events

  • Spring Recital

  • Studio T-shirt (distributed prior to Spring Recital)

  • Access to Studio Resources

  • Access to Adjudicated Events through NATS & NCMTA

Miscellaneous Fee

On the occasion that the student chooses to participate in festivals, auditions, and competitions offered each year at the teacher’s discretion, the cost per event will be made known to the student prior to the event and an invoice will be sent to the parent.   Payment of fees must be paid prior to registration.

Summer Session Fee

Begin lessons during the summer with a short term commitment and see if Solo Voice is a good fit for your child!  Students should register for 4 or more sessions.  Fees are paid in full for the number of summer sessions booked.  

45-min: $64 per session

60-min: $85 per session

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