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mfMusic Studio offers private one-on-one instruction in piano for adults and students who have graduated from the accelerated piano club program.  Lessons are catered to the personality and interests of each student, so they can engage at the piano in ways that excite them, and they can play the music they enjoy the most.  


Annual Membership Fee

A $60 yearly fee will apply to each long-term student upon completing the registration form and on August 1st of each following school year. This fee helps to cover the following membership services: 


  • 36 Weekly Private Lessons

  • Sheet Music, Books and other Lesson Materials

  • 4 Musician's Meet-up Events Per Year

  • Spring Recital

  • Studio T-shirt (distributed prior to Spring Recital)

  • Access to Studio Resources

  • Access to Adjudicated Events through NCMTA

Child & Teen Lesson Fee

Lesson fees are determined for the academic year, August through May.  You may choose to pay fees in one of the following ways:


Lesson fee for year paid in

TEN equal monthly payments

Due the 1st of each month and paid in advance of lessons, Aug through May

Paid by auto-pay through CoinHop.

If a payment processing problem is not resolved in 7 days of the due payment, a $15 charge will be added.

45 Minute Lessons: $210 per month

60 Minute Lessons: $280 per month


Lesson fee for year paid in

TWO payments (discounted rate)

Due Aug 1st & Dec 1st

Paid by check, Zelle or Apple Pay

45 Minute Lessons: $1030 x2

60 Minute Lessons: $1360 x2


Total lesson fee for year paid in FULL (discounted rate)

Due Aug 1st

Paid by check, Zelle or Apple Pay

45 Minute Lessons: $2040

60 Minute Lessons: $2695

Adult Lesson Fee

Adult students may choose to follow the schedule of membership payments as listed above for predetermined weekly lessons during the academic year or they may choose to purchase a punch cards for single lessons scheduled as needed, subject to availability. Punch cards may be purchased via check, Zelle or Apple Pay.  Punch card lessons must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance and should be cancelled with at least 12 hours of notice. *Discount included for 12-week punch cards.

Punch Card Options

4 45-minute lessons:

4 60-minute lessons:

12 45-minute lessons*  $720

12 60-minute lessons* $960

One Time Single Lesson Fee

Lessons are subject to availability and offered at the discretion of the teacher.  Payment is due and payable upon scheduling via Zelle or Apple Pay.  A 24-hour notice of a missed lesson is required to schedule a make-up lesson or receive a refund. If notice is less than 24-hours, a make-up lesson will not be offered and payment will not be refunded.

45 Minute Lessons: $65

60 Minute Lessons: $85

Miscellaneous Fee

On the occasion that the student chooses to participate in festivals, auditions, and competitions offered each year at the teacher’s discretion, the cost per event will be made known to the student prior to the event and an invoice will be sent to the parent. Payment of fees must be paid prior to registration.



Attendance is expected at all scheduled lessons, as each lesson time is reserved exclusively for that student.  The lesson time will be visible on the studio calendar located in the student portal. (You will receive a password upon enrollment.) 

Missed Lessons

There will be no tuition credits or refunds for missed lessons or recitals. If a student needs to miss a lesson, students may choose to submit a video recording presenting each assignment, but videos will not be accepted after the start of the scheduled lesson time. The teacher will use the allotted lesson time to review the video and create new assignments. New assignments will be emailed within 24 hours after the normally scheduled lesson.  Students attending lessons at the studio may also choose to utilize the swap list to exchange lesson times with another student.  Students receiving in-home lessons will be allowed no more than two make-up lessons per year and will be virtual only.  Should the instructor need to miss a lesson, it will be rescheduled for a time that is convenient for both instructor and student.

Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons are offered as an alternative option when in-person lessons are not possible.  Please click this link to read about the requirements for student set-up.

Student Illness

DO NOT attend lessons in person if the student is showing signs of illness. Students must be fever-free for at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. The lesson will end immediately for students who are showing signs of illness with symptoms such as coughing and/or sneezing repeatedly or uncontrollable runny noses. Please respect the health of the instructor and other students who share the space and materials of the studio.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, an e-mail will be sent two hours prior to the start of lessons.  (For most weather events, the studio will be open even if schools are closed.) On inclement weather days, lessons will be virtual.  


We are closed for the following major holidays in 2022-23: 

Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving (Nov 22-27) , Christmas and The  New Year (Dec 21– Jan 3), Easter Week (April 3-9), Memorial Day, July 4th


In-Studio students should arrive no earlier than five minutes before their lesson time and no later than the start time of the lesson. Lesson times will not be extended to accommodate late arrivals. Students should be picked up no later than five minutes after their lesson is completed.  Please park on the street and do not block the driveway at any time.  Students should remove shoes upon entry.  Please wear socks!

In-home students should have their books and other materials on the piano bench and be ready to begin the lessons as soon as the teacher arrives.  The room must be clear of distractions and noises in adjoining rooms should be kept to a minimum. In the event that the student is not home at the start of the lesson, the teacher will wait no more than 10 minutes, after which the lesson will be forfeited.  


Every student discontinues lessons at some point.  Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure at the end of the term.  Enrollment is understood to be for an entire academic year, August through May.  If you choose to stop lessons during the academic year, then one month’s written notice is required via e-mail to  Payments for lessons will be canceled exactly one month from the date notice is given.

At the discretion of the studio owner, students may be asked to discontinue lessons at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excessive amount of absences, damage to the studio or property, or if the student shows a genuine lack of interest.



We love to celebrate student achievements with photos and videos posted on the studio website, or social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram.  Posts may or may not include first names only.  If you desire that images of your child not be posted, please notify us in writing via email to


Parents should ensure that the student has:

  • A well-lit practice space away from distractions – TV, siblings/friends, pets video games.

  • Access to an audio player with QUALITY speakers that allow for playing at normal performance volume along to a recording 

  • Access to portal Online Resources during practice time

  • A piano kept in good repair and functioning properly with all keys and pedals working.  Acoustic pianos should be tuned once a year.  Digital pianos should have 88 weighted keys, full sized pedals (at least the sustain pedal), a sheet music stand and should be housed on a sturdy base (preferably a furniture-style stand, not an X or Z stand so it will not wobble)

  • A piano bench at the correct height for the size for the student, which is demonstrated and practiced in lessons – please make adjustments as needed with extra books to sit on or purchase an adjustable bench

  • A metronome or metronome app

  • A tote bag of appropriate size to carry and keep binder and all books organized

  • (optional, but recommended) Access to a variety of music game apps – see blog post here for recommendation

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