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Lesson Swap Policy Reminder:

  Lesson Swap  Students will be given the option to have their name, email, phone number and lesson time  shared with all participating families. Students included in this list are willing to swap a single lesson in order to accommodate an illness, family vacation or school activity.   It is the parents responsibility to arrange the swap and notify the teacher of the change.  Please note that it is preferred that the lesson swap occur within the same week of lessons.  However, if a family will be out of town for an entire week and would like to swap lessons so that each student will have 2 lessons in 1 week, then the first lesson will be taught as a normal lesson, while the second lesson in the same week will be spent doing supplemental learning activities only.  Please refrain from arranging swaps for multiple weeks in a row (like an entire track out), as learning voice or piano takes consistent practice and moving forward with new material each week to keep it exciting and interesting for the student.