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Piano for Beginner and Intermediate Students.


When I studied piano as a teenager, my teacher assigned me only a few songs at a time.

I kept having to play the same music over and over.

I was so bored!

And - because I played so little music - my skills developed really slowly.

As a teacher... I never want a student to feel as if they are stuck playing the same old boring music over and over.

More music leads to stronger, more confident players.  Every song learned helps the next song be that much easier to learn.  We offer students the opportunity for quantity without sacrificing quality. 


How do we work these musical miracles?


With Piano Club, students come for 60-minute weekly sessions.  They learn all their music during their sessions.  The teacher guides them through new material while giving them space to get it right, (& wrong!) without hovering over their shoulders.  Essentially they “practice” practicing and learn to be better at correcting themselves.  When students go home, playing the songs feels easy and fun.  It is just a review.  When they return the next week, songs are quickly mastered and students are ready for more!!  With quicker progress comes the joy of success and self-confidence that can’t be beat!


In traditional beginner lessons, it typically takes 36 lessons for a 9-year-old to work through the first-level method book.  With Piano Club it can take as little as 17 sessions!  More music = more fun!!


☑️ A Clear Path: Track your progress with our progress checklists. Enjoy the satisfaction of “scaling the keys to success” with our comprehensive approach to music literacy that includes the key components of learning: Listen, Play, Read, Write, & Share.  


🎧 Guided Practice:  The teacher gives guidance, walks away, comes back & gives more feedback. Students learn how to decode what is on the page in front of them. They also learn how to approach each new song and practice independently.  Practice strategies are implemented before students have even left the studio.


🏆 Celebrated Success: We will empower, support, and celebrate your child every chance we get!  Students earn badges of recognition as they complete challenge tasks and level up in skills needed for great playing.


 👥 Building Community: Students in Piano Club spend the majority of their time on independent learning. Yet, we always take a “brain break” to enjoy group games or off-bench activities.  We also add opportunities for duets/trio playing when students are ready.  

🎵 Sharing Music: Music is both fun to create and to listen to!  We offer many opportunities for students to share favorite songs to demonstrate the skills and talents they develop in Piano Club.   Musician Meet-ups, community Gig Events, local adjudicated events, and an annual spring recital are just some of the events that offer performance practice for the students and brag moments for parents. 

📅 Flexible Scheduling:    While we will agree on a consistent session day and time, we offer unlimited rescheduling, subject to availability.  No questions asked!

We get kids playing LOTS of music
because the more your child plays...

  • … the easier it becomes to learn and master new pieces.

  • … the more their self-esteem and confidence grow as they achieve musical milestones.

  • … the more they develop good work habits.

  • … the greater their ability to concentrate and pay attention to details.

  • … the more they develop strong cognitive and memory skills.

  • … the more patience they learn as they tackle challenging musical passages.

  • … the more they cultivate a deeper appreciation for different genres and styles of music.

  • … the more opportunities they have to collaborate with other musicians and build social connections.

  • … the more proficient and expressive they become in producing beautiful music.

  • … the more joy and fulfillment they find in the act of creating music.


Piano Club Session Fees

Session fees are determined for the academic year, August through May. 

Fees are prorated for mid-year entry.

You may choose to pay fees in one of the following ways:


Total sessions fee paid over NINE months  Due the 1st of each month, Aug - Apr

Paid in advance of sessions via auto-pay

If a payment processing problem is not resolved in 7 days of the due payment,

a $15 charge will be added.

$189 per month


Total sessions fee paid in TWO payments (discounted rate)

Due Aug 1st & Dec 1st​

$833 x2


Total sessions fee paid in FULL

(discounted rate)

Due Aug 1st



Annual Membership Fee
A $65 fee will apply to each student upon completing the registration form and on August 1st of each following year.

This fee helps to cover the following membership services:

  • ​​Sheet Music, Books and other Lesson Materials

  • Musician's Meetup Events

  • Spring Recital

  • Studio T-shirt (distributed prior to Spring Recital)

  • Access to Studio Resources

  • Access to Adjudicated Events through NCMTA

Miscellaneous Fee

On the occasion that the student chooses to participate in festivals, auditions, and competitions offered each year at the teacher’s discretion, the cost per event will be made known to the student prior to the event and an invoice will be sent to the parent.   Payment of fees must be paid prior to registration.

Ready to Join Piano Club?

We offer a FREE mini-intro session to all new students!

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