mfMusic Studio offers in-studio, in-home and virtual music lessons.  Certain studio policies are dependent on the location of the lessons and thus may vary accordingly.  All students and parents agree to adhere to the studio policy. These policies are strictly enforced in order to give the best lesson experience possible.



Attendance is expected at all scheduled lessons, as each lesson time is reserved exclusively for that student. Enrolling for lessons is a purchase of a specific time slot with the instructor.  There will be no tuition credits or refunds for missed lessons or recitals.  If a student misses a lesson, the teacher will still provide instructions for moving forward for the next week and a short video for additional explanation if needed.  Students may choose to submit a video recording presenting each assignment, but videos will not be accepted after the start of the scheduled lesson time.  The teacher will use the allotted lesson time to review the video and create new assignments. New assignments will be emailed within 24 hours after the normally scheduled lesson.  Should the instructor need to miss a lesson, it will be rescheduled for a time that is convenient for both instructor and student.


 In the event of inclement weather, in-studio lessons will NOT be cancelled or rescheduled. Use your best judgment to decide if you will still attend the lesson in person. If you feel it is not possible, please request an online lesson.   In-home lessons may be converted to online lessons at instructor’s discretion.


DO NOT attend lessons in person if the student is showing signs of illness. Students must be fever-free for at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. The lesson will end immediately for students who are showing signs of illness with symptoms such as coughing and/or sneezing repeatedly or uncontrollable runny noses.  Please respect the health of the instructor and other students who share the space and materials of the studio.


Virtual lessons are offered as an alternative option when in-person lessons are not possible.  Please click this link to read about the requirements for student set-up.


Failure to pay tuition within 2 weeks of due date will result in the immediate cancellation of lessons.  A late payment will result in an additional $10 fee due prior to the next scheduled lesson. If tuition payments are late more than twice, the remainder of the full tuition will be due prior to the continuation of lessons. A bounced check will result in an additional $25 fee and all future payments must be made in cash.


 Proper withdrawal requires written notice (by letter or e-mail) and receipt of notice one month prior to the date on which the last lesson will occur. This applies to all withdrawals and long- term absences of 3 weeks or more. Please Note: Tuition will not be refunded or prorated for mid-month withdrawals.


  In-Studio students should arrive no earlier than five minutes before their lesson time and no later than the start time of the lesson. Lesson times will not be extended to accommodate late arrivals. Students should be picked up no later than five minutes after their lesson is completed.  In-home students should have their books and other materials on the piano bench and be ready to begin the lessons as soon as the teacher arrives.  The room must be clear of distractions and noises in adjoining rooms should be kept to a minimum. In the event that the student is not home at the start of the lesson, the teacher will wait no more than 10 minutes, after which the lesson will be forfeited.  


Please park on the street and do not block the driveway at any time.



Each teacher’s goal is to develop the student’s musical abilities with keyboard or singing techniques, balanced repertoire, music theory, music history, practice techniques, and performance opportunities. A sequential format is followed and both long and short-term goals are set for the students.  We aim to teach students to teach themselves – to foster independence in approaching music and learn various practice strategies.  We work to create an interest and curiosity that will encourage the student to want to learn. We strive to make lessons interesting and fun and fully believe making beautiful music can be challenging and hard work but a very rewarding experience and a wonderful medium in which to express one’s self.


Parental support is a must for your child’s musical growth. Parents should agree to get the student to the lesson on time, check the assignment binder weekly, help the student budget time to allow for daily practice and provide the student with undisturbed practice time. Parents of students under the age of 10 should assist students during practice time each day and parents of any age student should verify daily/weekly that the student is practicing his or her entire assignment. Parents should maintain open communication with the instructor and share concerns or comments the students may not feel comfortable voicing themselves.


The student is expected to arrive punctually for the lessons with all required materials. The student is responsible for paying close attention at lessons, asking questions whenever her or she does not understand something, completing all assignments before each lesson and accurately recording daily practice on assignment sheets. Voice students should bring a water bottle and recording device to each lesson. Piano students should keep fingernails trimmed short to insure proper hand position and good technique and wash hands before playing studio piano. NO chewing gum, please!


For ALL students, parents should ensure that the student has: 

*a well lit practice space away from distractions—TV, siblings/friends, pets, video games.

*access to an audio player with QUALITY speakers that allow for playing or singing along to a recording at normal performance volume.

*a piano/keyboard kept in good repair and functioning properly with all keys and pedals working. (Acoustic pianos should be tuned once a year. Digital pianos should be on a stand, have 88 fully weighted keys, full-sized pedals (at least sustain) and a music stand.)

PIANO students also need: 

*a piano bench at the correct height for the size of the student, which is demonstrated and practiced in lessons – please make adjustments as needed with extra books to sit on or purchase an adjustable bench.

VOICE students also need:

*a device for video recording

*a music stand for proper body alignment while singing


Students who establish good practice habits from the beginning will progress more rapidly and find practice and lessons more enjoyable. The amount of time required for good quality practice will vary depending on the student’s age and level. It is important that practice is done on a consistent daily basis with a clear goal in mind.


 In person or telephone conferences concerning the student’s progress may be scheduled at any mutually convenient time during the year.